I thank the LORD JESUS for each day that is given me to create wonderful projects...As always, I give Him all the glory.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Graduation Congrats (Black and White) Card...

Hey there, guys!  I know it's been more than a week and now, I am back with a card that a friend of mine asked me to make.  She needed a Graduation card and at first, I don't really know what to do since I have not made one before (I don't know why...maybe because it's not a common card to give and I don't know of anyone needing it at that time). But I was determined to do it this time.  I decided to look for some inspiration since I was not going to make a highly embellished card but somewhat nice and simple.  I got that inspiration card from the book Stamp It! Cards from Paper Craft Magazine.  It was a design from Summer Ford.   I was inspired by the color scheme and the lay-out but at the end, I added my own personal touch to this card.  I used my Cuttlebug for dry embossing, flower (big and small) images (stamped and heat embossed) from Scrappy Cat Stamps, Swirl stamp from Autumn Leaves Stamps, Letter Stamps from Inkadinkado, stamp text on each letter from Glitz Stamps and a black with white ribbon.  Needless to say, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of this A7 size card.  Hope you like it too.





Well, well...After many days of gloomy weather with some rain, I finally see the sun radiantly shining again.  But it's quite chilly at the same time...Just the perfect weather for me.  I'm always reminded to be thankful in everything so, Father God...thanks a lot for another wonderful day!  God bless!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Not a Card but Lots and I mean "Lots of CANDLES"...

Hi there, friends! Oh no, I am not abandoning making cards.  It's just that after trying to make these candles several weeks ago, I fell in love so, what a way to celebrate that by making lots of them to give to my friends this Christmas season.  I went crazy coloring the images for several weeks (on whatever free time I had) and after that, it took me an entire week of a little or no sleep to finally get the images to the candles.  It's also hard to find the sentiments that will compliment the images the way I want them to but finally, I am done and time to share them with all of you here.  I must warn you that this post is picture heavy so, I hope you will not have a problem viewing all the pics.  I got almost all of my images from Mo Manning Digital Stamps, a few others from Magnolia, High Hopes, Bugaboo Digi Stamps and Inkadinkado.  The sentiments came from various sources primarily the Bible, famous Quotes and so on...Are you ready?  HERE WE GO:

 BLUEBERRY GIRL CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 CAROLER CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 BABY COWBOY "TEX" CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 DANNI DRESS-UP CANDLE (Stamp by High Hopes):

 DREAM FLIGHT CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 JACK AND GINGER CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 LACIE AND HER ICE CREAM CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 LEMON GIRL CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 MAKE A WISH DANDELION CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 MAKE A WISH DANDELION (In Pink) CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 MEG THE PAINTER CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 NATIVITY CANDLE (Stamp by High Hopes):

 ALL SPIFFY TILDA CANDLE (Stamp from Magnolia):

 PEACH GIRL CANDLE ((Digital image by Mo Manning):

 PRAYING BOY WITH TEDDY CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 SHEPHERD BOY CANDLE (Stamp from High Hopes):

 ALL READY DENA CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 SOPHIE AND HER DOLL CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 SUNFLOWER BEAR CANDLE (Digital Image from Bugaboo Stamps):

 LITTLE "SUPERGIRL" CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 TODDLER AND KITTY CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 URCHIN WITH BIRD CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

 WEDDING DANCE CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

Now, I made shorter candles too and the following are the designs I came up with...These are more or less 3 X 6" candles:  Hope you are still enjoying looking at more pics...LOL

BUTTERFLIES "LIFE" CANDLE (Stamp from Studio G):

BUTTERFLY "FAITH" CANDLE (Stamp from Studio G):

BUSY TILLY CANDLE (Stamp from High Hopes):

DANCING TILDA CANDLE (Stamp from Magnolia):

GOING AWAY TILDA CANDLE (Stamp from Magnolia):

COWBOY KENNY CANDLE (Stamp from High Hopes):

PRAYING HANDS (Green) CANDLE (Stamp from Inkadinakado):

PRAYING HANDS (Gold) CANDLE (Stamp from Inkadinkado):

PSALM 23 (Green) CANDLE:


PUFF THE KITTY CANDLE (Image was a freebie...I forgot from where):

PUFF THE KITTY (Off-white) CANDLE (Image was a freebie...I forgot from where):

RAGEDDY ANGEL CANDLE (Digital image by Mo Manning):

DAISY BORDER CANDLE (Stamp from High Hopes):

Oh my, you bet I was tired with many many days of no sleep just to finish them.  That is why I haven't posted for a while in here.  Now, you know why...LOL.  I am thankful to God Almighty for giving me the strength to finish decorating these candles and praying that it will be a blessing to those that will have them.  Right now, I am still running under the Holy Spirit's fuel otherwise, I will be in bed for many days...LOL   If you enjoy this post, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.  I enjoy reading them and even response to every single one...Have a blessed day and till next time...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Never Too Old for Cupcake Birthday Card...

Hey there, friends!  Wow, I am counting the weeks (yes, that long!) since my last post and wonder what I did with all that time?  But the usual things of life plus a project I am trying to complete kept me from making some cards the past few days but today, I had to make a birthday card for a friend whose birthday is in the next few days but had a party yesterday.  I love stamping technique a lot although I have several Cricut machines and many carts that I seldom use.  Just few days ago, I discovered Cricut Craft Room  and what a wonderful way to complete a project using that program in my computer and my machines so, here's the card I made.  I used the Once Upon a Princess cart to make this Cupcake Birthday die-cut...I did some inking and added some stickles (glitters) to embellish the cupcakes.  Oh, how sweet!  I also embossed the sentiment and the background CS using my Cuttlebug and incorporated a nice ribbon for added dimension.  Inside the card is a nice sentiment from Thena Smith that I got from a book (The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Card, 2nd Edition).  I love how it fits my image perfectly...Anyway, this came out really good considering it was rushed...Is 3.5 hours making a card rushed?...Well, for me it was...LOL  You're looking at an A7 size card.





If you need more information about the Cricut Craft Room, you can go to and sign-up to find out more about it.  All I can tell you is that it's free and all you need to have is a computer with internet connection, your machine and the cartridge you want to use and you can cut images from your computer to the machine.  It's kinda like the Cricut Design Studio but it's free and a lot easier, I think!  So, guess I will be featuring some die-cut cards here in the future...God bless you and remember to ask the Lord direction in your life each day.  He loves you and deeply cares for you.  All you need to do is accept and trust Him with your life...Tata for now!


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