I thank the LORD JESUS for each day that is given me to create wonderful projects...As always, I give Him all the glory.

Friday, January 29, 2010

My first attempt on Explosion Boxes!

Hello there, my Fellow Crafters! I have seen several Explosion Boxes made so beautifully by people on the Cricut MB and I wanted to try and make them but as usual, I didn't have much time to embark on this very detailed project. But I wanted to make a special gift for 3 of my friends for the Holidays and what a way to show them how special they were but to give them one of these...I gathered several pics that I had of them (and also pics of their kids) and these 3 boxes came to life...Aww, I am feeling tired just remembering how much time I spent detailing them. For this project, I had the help of my Gypsy to create those flower embellishments from Gypsy Wanderings...I also added more detail on the flowers and frames by using Diamond stickles...It sure helped made these boxes pop.

This was literally the very first Box I made...I like the flower but this was difficult to put together so, I was sure I was not going to use the same flower on my next 2 boxes...LOL As you can see, I used the MS Punches to decorate the lid, with ribbon and a dangling embellishment.

Here's what it looks like inside the box...Big Explosion! I matted every flaps (front and back) and placed some photos or sentiments on them...

This was the second box I created...I don't normally plan the colors before each project so, trying which colors would make it right was a challenge. I like how this turned out at the end. Did you notice the flowers were different as well...LOL! The brad that you see in the middle of the flower was made using my I-top...I love it! I just hope that the brad daddies are not too expensive as I am planning to buy more...Used a yellow ribbon here and a dangling embellishment...

Here's the inside of Box No. 2...Sorry, had to cover a couple of pics with flowers as I don't know whether my friends would love to have their pictures posted. I also matted all the flaps here (front and back)...

And here's my third box. I thought this would be quicker than the other 2 but nope, I had a difficult time figuring out what colors to use...(Sometimes, I wondered why I didn't make them all the same...but I am just not very happy duplicating stuff although every now and then, I have to especially on my son's birthday invitations). Used another MS Border Punch, nice burgundy ribbon and another dangling embellishment.

And here's the inside of Box No. 3....Sorry, I had to cover a couple of pics with buttons to maintain my friend's privacy...

These boxes are not very hard to make but I should say, very time consuming. It took me nearly a week to complete these 3 boxes with some sleepless nights but that was because I had many things to do other than crafting...Family and communion with God be it in the Church or reading the Bible are my highest priorities. One of these days, I have to make another Explosion box for my beloved son who appreciates all my projects...

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be glad to help anyway I can...Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. WOW you did an awesome job on these!!!Aren't they fun?

  2. Wow! You did a great job! Those look fantastic!

    I'll be seeing you!

  3. Hello Brenda and Audrey...Oh yes, making them were a lot of fun althought occasionally, I had challenges on making sure the colors are matching...I am very meticulous with my projects and that's what always takes me longer...LOL. Thanks for your nice comments...God bless!

  4. Hello Jo Ann! I have been checking out your blog and I love your work! You truly are blessed with talent! I hope I have the right person to congratulate on making the wonderful Design Team with me! I look forward to creating with you real soon!


  5. I meant to mention the last time that I love all your work and if you could please come by my blog today as I have a something for you!



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